Current Students
Thursday, 26 January 2017 10:47

Li Mingming, PhD candidate

Research area: Artificial Intelligence

Email: li_mingming[at]

Tu Fangwen, PhD candidate

Research area: Quadruped Robots

Email: fangwen_tu[at]

Liu Xiaomei, PhD candidate

Research area: Formation Control and Multi-agent System


Jiang Rui, PhD candidate

Research area: Intelligent Sensing and Navigation

Email: rui_jiang[at]

Zhao Shuang, M.Sc. Student

Research area: Motion Planning


Wang Tianying, M.Sc. Student

Research area: Social robotics and web application


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Graduated Students:
Sunday, 23 May 2014 14:25

Wang Chen, Ph.D

Research area: Learning in human-robot interaction

Email: a0104452[at]

Li Yanan, Ph.D

Research area: Robotics Control and Intelligent Control

Email: liyanan84[at]

Zhang Zhengchen, Ph.D

Research area: Natural Language Processing

Email: g0800560[at]

Tao Pey Yuen, Ph.D
Research area: Control and robotics
Email: pytao[at]

Tee Keng Peng
Research Engineers
Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R)
Email: g0306425[at]

Fua Cheng Heng
Research Engineers
Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R)
Email: cfua[at]

Guan Feng

Lai Xuecheng
Senior Engineer, Software Design
CEI Contract Manufacturing Ltd
Email: laixuecheng[at]

Yang Yong
Republic Polytechnic
Email: yang_yong[at]

Wang Zhuping
Associate Professor
Department of Control Science and Engineering, College of Electronic Information and Engineering,
Tongji University, Shanghai, China
Phone: 021 69589241
Fax: 021 69589241
Email: elewzp[at]

Hong Fan
Data Storage Institute, A*STAR
Email: Hong_Fan[at]
Tel: +65 6874 7807
Fax: +65 6777 2053

Zhang Jin
Email: jinzhang[at]

Wang Cong
College of Automation & Center for Control and Optimization
South China University of Technology
Guangzhou 510641, China
Phone: +86-20-87114256
Fax: +86-20-87114612
Email: wangcong[at]

Zhang Tao
KLA-Tencor Corporation
77 Rio Robles I-1009
San Jose, CA 95134
Phone: 1-408-875-4861 (Office)

Zhu Ge
Deputy General Manager
TV Department
Fujitsu Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co. Ltd
Thesis: Modelling and control of flexible robots
Phone: +86-21-58956592
Email: ge.zhu[at]

Han Thanh Trung
Research area: Nonlinear control
Email: g0402557[at]

Ren Beibei
Research area: Adaptive/Intelligent Control Theories and Applications
Email: renbeibei[at]

Pan Yaozhang
Research area: Pattern recognition, computer brain communication
Email: yaozhang.pan[at]

Yang Chenguang
Research area: Adaptive/intelligent control

Bernard How Voon Ee
Research area: Marine control applications
Email: bernardhow[at]

He Hongsheng, Ph.D candidate

Research area: Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition

Email: hongshenghe[at]

Zhang Qun, Ph.D candidate

Research area: Mobile Robot Navigation

Email: zhangqun[at]

Phyo Phyo San, M.Eng candidate

Research area: Adaptive/Intelligent Control of Nano-Systems

Email: elepps[at]

Bahareh Ghotbi, Master candidate

Research area: Modelling and control of Handshaking Robot


Dai Shilu, Visiting Student from Northeastern Unv., Shenyang, China

Research area: Switched systems; Control of fuel cell

Email: dslwm[at]

Wang Bin, Master of Engine candidate

Research area: Sensor Fusion, Human Mahcine Interaction, Wearable Roboitcs

Email: wangbin[at]

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